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Today, organizations are experiencing a radical change in the way they do business. Therefore it has become necessary for them to have short, medium and long-term process development and technology plans to optimize resource utilization. They need to make sure that they can keep up with changing technology and provide employees with the necessary tools to provide excellent quality of work. As laptops, smartphones and tablets are flooding the market, users are increasing their demand for access to corporate networks from anywhere at anytime and from any device. This is why, organizations need to create a mobile work environment through Enterprise Mobility.

Companies simply can not ignore the firm mobility longer, because the business case for more mobile workforce is becoming very urgent. Enterprise mobility promises to increase productivity, make customer service more efficient and provide the company with higher competitive advantage. It provides staff with the establishment of the ability to work, communicate and work anywhere. The best part about business mobility is that it helps companies to keep employees happy. When workers get real work platform, access anywhere and through different mobile phones, they find it easier to complete their projects on time while maintaining a work-life balance.

Staff are able to provide better quality of work, without comprising with their quality of life. Therefore, they remain loyal to the organization and increases their productivity. The Agency does not need to spend time, resources and money to hire new employees and current employees do not have to think about resigning. When employees are happy, they are able to focus on providing superior customer service and keep customers happy. Hence, they may also remain loyal to the organization and business can grow within no time. Enterprise mobility helps companies and organizations to increase their customer base as well.

Despite the fact that business mobility has a lot of benefits for all kinds of business organizations, it also comes with a substantial amount of risk. With this new way to work, organizations face a new set of risks. The biggest risk with this new form of work platform is the issue of security. Companies need to look at ways in which they can make a new mobile phone to access the system without compromising company information. If unauthorized individuals are able to access information about the company, they can damage a company’s reputation and also put customers at risk by using their information for illegal activities.

Business organizations need to make sure that the implementation of enterprise mobility solutions, they are able to secure business network and provide different layers of encryption so that only authorized people are able to gain access to the company network and database. To do so, they would have to hire the services of a reputed IT company that has extensive experience in providing efficient mobility and enterprise security solutions. Such companies can ensure that important information organization is safe, despite the fact that employees can access the company database via mobile phone.

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