How to prevent falls and slips at work

Falls and slips in the workplace is one of the biggest reasons for the employer’s liability claims in the United States. Over fifty percent of all damages are due to slips and falls, which means that business owners need to be aware of their risk in order to reduce any accidents.

Accidents can cause death, this implies a slip of packaging tape that was not picked up, in fact, over six hundred employees died in 2012 due to falling or slipping at work.

There are a number of steps a business owner can take to prevent these accidents happen, conduct a thorough risk assessment is one of them. Risk assessment takes time to complete, but gives the business owner a workable document to determine which areas of the hotel security.

Based on risk assessment companies can also write instructions for employees to reduce accidents occur in the future. Of course, accidents are what they are, there is no strict prevention, but efforts can be made to reduce the number of accidents occurring in the workplace, the United States each year.

Cracks in the floor, broken tiles and lifting floors can all result in a nasty accident. Slight decrease office can leave the employee from work for months and say against the company for medical expenses, loss of income, and even spiritual crisis caused by the accident.

Broken legs, broken arms, concussions and even death have been reported due to slip or fall from poorly maintained floors. Spending money on the floor of the house and ensure the flooring is in excellent condition, perhaps combining the high areas slip with anti slip tape, all of which can help reduce the risk of these unnecessary accidents.

Another essential step is to describe the bad visibility area to ensure that employees can see clearly walkways, this includes both inside and outside the building. Hiking trails lead to the car park should have a good reliever, especially for the winter when the workers make their way to their vehicles in the dark.

Many accidents result from poor visibility, dark corridors, poorly-lit remote areas and poorly lit stairwells can all result in a serious accident, which can lead to claims for damages against the company.

It is advisable to ensure the liability insurance is up to date and that you have adequate cover, risk, put down anti slip tape and lighting poorly visible area will not guarantee that accidents will not happen.

Above maintenance height, you need to ensure staff follow strict housekeeping rules. If something is spilled on the floor, it should be clear soon, marking the area as wet to ensure other staff are aware of, so they do not slip on the slippery and wet surfaces. Packaging tape down on the floor or boxes should be picked up immediately to reduce the risk of employee get their foot tangled in banks, falling and breaking bones.

Rules should be put in place to reduce this cleaning mistakes, they can be included in the guidelines staff, a way to reduce accidents from taking place.

Use anti slip tape is slippery and dangerous areas. This anti slip tape can be used on stairs in high traffic areas and work to reduce the risk of workers falling and injuring themselves, again leading to a claim against the company.

The anti slip tape is available in a choice of colors to blend with your company color scheme, so it does not look ugly. Instead, anti slip tape offers another solution to reduce accidents.

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