The Right Business Model for you!

I’m not sure I totally agree with this definition, but I will tell you what I believe are some of the most important factors when considering a new business venture. We face so many different options from our family, friends, coworkers and almighty World Wide Web, especially when it comes to the decision to choose the right business for the right home based business.

In recent years, many have lost their jobs, been forced to accept shorter working hours or early retirement. Some have lost their homes and their livelihoods, and so many people are looking for a way to ensure some financial stability by finding a way to earn income home side as they are now doing as their job.

In saying this, many people researching ways to earn income at home, and I think one very important factor that needs to be considered is the “business model” before you consider investing your time, energy and resources. Other factors that you will want to be sure to consider the credibility of the company, so I would check the BBB for the evaluation of the company you are considering. I would be careful about investing my money with a company that has been in business for more than five years where it is proved that if a company is going to fail, it will happen in the first five years. I would look for strong management and leadership as well as companies with impeccable ethics.

There are several models to consider, but to name a few of the more popular ones would be direct sales, Multi-Level Marketing and Consumer Direct Marketing. Direct Sales in many cases involves selling products to consumers, maintaining inventory, collect money, placing orders, deliveries and constantly looking for the next sale to do next paycheck. Multi-Level Marketing, in most cases, their companies designed to reward those who recruit and hire the big ins purchase with multiple levels of distribution and many times a person will find themselves filling up their garage with products that they can not possibly use the fast enough. On the other hand, Consumer direct marketing is a business model markets directly to consumers and there are no multiple levels of distribution, because you would not have to make repeat sales, money collection or recording of the warehouse where the customer deals directly with the manufacturer.

These are just some of the different types of business models that you can consider, but seem to be the most prominent ones when we talk about choosing a home based business and we are considering different types of business models for research.

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